10 Weeks Of Summer Camp Beginning June 27th!

Welcome to Futbol Rebels Summer Soccer Camp –
The perfect blend of fun, learning, and soccer skill development for kids in Brooklyn! Here’s why our camp is a must for your child’s summer plans:
  1. Comprehensive Soccer Skill Development: Our camp is designed to enhance soccer skills in a fun and engaging way. Whether your child is new to soccer or looking to improve, our summer camp offers the perfect environment for skill development.
  2. Diverse Fun Activities: Beyond soccer, we include a variety of games and activities. From corn hole and bowling to chess and sprinkler play, we ensure a balanced mix of fun and learning.
  3. Suitable for All Skill Levels: Our youth soccer camp is open to everyone, regardless of their experience with soccer. We believe in inclusivity and offer tailored coaching to suit different skill levels.
  4. Age-Appropriate Grouping: To maximize safety and enjoyment, we group kids based on their age and skill level, ensuring a comfortable and conducive environment for learning and play.
  5. Outdoor, All-Weather Play: We believe in the magic of outdoor play. Our camp operates rain or shine, offering kids the full experience of summer, no matter the weather.
  6. Emphasis on Teamwork and Social Skills: Soccer camps are a fantastic way to build teamwork and social skills. Our activities are designed to foster friendship and collaboration among kids.
  7. Promoting Health and Activity: In an age dominated by screens, our camp provides a lively way to keep kids physically active, contributing to their overall health and well-being.
  8. Boosting Confidence and Independence: Summer camps are a great opportunity for kids to gain confidence and independence, and our soccer camp provides a safe space for this growth.

Our Brooklyn-based youth soccer camp is more than just a place to play soccer; it’s a community where kids learn, grow, and enjoy the summer to the fullest. Enroll your child today for a summer filled with soccer, fun, and lifelong memories! CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION

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