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Welcome To Rebels Academy!

At Futbol Rebels, our Rebels Academy offers a unique soccer experience akin to a travel team, minus the travel. Our program is designed for passionate young players eager to practice consistently, develop their skills, and engage in competitive games. Whether you're looking to practice once or twice a week, our academy provides the perfect platform for growth, including weekend games in our dynamic small-sided intramural soccer league.

Players who sign up will practice together and mix up for weekend games.

Upcoming Season


2017 & 2016 Division
Spring Season
April 3rd-June 23rd


2015 & 2014 Players
Spring Season
April 3rd-June 23rd


Benefits Of Small Sided Games

  • More Goals!
  • More attacking opportunities
  • More defending opportunities
  • More time with the ball
  • Less players on the field
  • Extremely fun!
  • Enhanced teamwork
  • Enhanced communication
  • Promotes creative thinking
  • More playing time

Discover The Futbol Rebels Way

At Futbol Rebels, we believe in providing every child with the opportunity to play, learn, and grow through soccer. Our Rebels Academy is a testament to our commitment to accessible, high-quality soccer education. Learn more about us in our About us page


  • For kids born in 2017/2016, 2015/2014 and 2013/2012.
  • It is ideal for kids who have participated in skills classes, have some knowledge of the game and are wanting to play in a more competitive environment but are not ready yet for travel team
  • For those players that want to play in a team and play weekend games
  • For players who want the travel team experience but are not able to make those huge commitments
  • This program will run between April-June with weekly practices and 10-12 Sunday games. 
  • The league is all small sided games, 3v3 & 5v5
  • Players practice once or twice a week and show up for their scheduled game on Sundays to play.
  • We will have a pool of players practicing together and mixing up on Sundays for the games.
  • Coaches will evaluate all players and make even teams to keep the games balanced and competitive
  • Players sign up and choose between the option to practice once a week and games or twice a week and games.
  • All practices are in Taaffe Playground which is in Clinton Hill - MAP
    • This is a cement soccer field. Players must wear indoor soccer shoes on sneakers. No turf or cleats
  • Yup, all games will be between 9-11am in JJ Byrne which is in Park Slope - MAP
    • The field is turf. Players can wear turf shoes, cleats or indoors soccer shoes

No, our intramural league focuses on helping players learn to play the game without the added pressure of points and standing table.