Bringing Dreams to Life: Compass | AG Team’s Big Play for Brooklyn’s Youth Soccer


Big news is kicking off in Brooklyn! We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Alex Gandelman and his team Compass | AG Team, a collaboration that’s all about empowering our young soccer stars and making the beautiful game even more accessible to families like yours.

A Game-Changer for Our Players

Thanks to Compass | AG Team, we’re gearing up in style with new equipment and soccer backpacks! Picture this: our travel teams dashing onto the field, goals set for victory, and each player equipped with a backpack that’s got space not just for soccer gear but for school essentials too. It’s about balancing the love for soccer with school responsibilities, making life a bit easier for our busy young athletes.

Warmth and Style for Our Coaches

Our amazing coaches aren’t left out. They’re the backbone of our teams, and to keep them cozy and looking sharp on the sidelines, they’re getting new, stylish jackets. A great way of saying a huge thank you for their dedication.

A Goal Beyond the Field: Scholarships

Here’s the heart of our partnership: making sure soccer is for everyone. Compass | AG Team is helping us provide scholarships, so more kids can chase their soccer dreams without financial hurdles standing in the way. It’s about opening doors and welcoming more families into our Futbol Rebels community.

Together, We Score

This partnership is more than just equipment or funds; it’s a shared dream of bringing the community together, one goal at a time. A big shoutout to Compass | AG Team for believing in our mission and making a difference in the lives of our young players and their families.

As we move forward, we’re excited about the impact this will have on our community, creating more opportunities for our kids to play, learn, and grow. Here’s to a future filled with more goals, victories, and smiles!

Stay tuned for the exciting journey ahead, and let’s show the world the spirit of Brooklyn’s youth soccer!

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